Lucrative BITBINDER Affiliate Programs

Bitbinder is a platform that allows you to affiliate with their project. They have invested a considerable amount of time and company resources to roll out their affiliate program that is extremely beneficial for the affiliate.

With the Bitbinder affiliate program, you receive up to 15% of the instant commission whenever one of your referred customers purchases an investment package through the platform. You can also manage a team. By managing a team, you can earn up to 15% pair income and 55% more. When you will maintain a well-managed own team and tier 3 referred users to invest in BITBINDER,you will be allowed to GLOBAL TEAM.

An additional powerful feature with the Bitbinder program is that you will receive $10,00,000.00 as a global affiliate commission when you are eligibleto the global team. This means that you can recruit other affiliates to join the BITBINDER referral program and earn when their referred customers invest in it. This is very unique in the industry and allows you to build an army of affiliates.

How Does the Binance Affiliate Program Work?

Recommend Bitbinder. Earn commission in crypto.

Sign Up to become an Affilate

Submit your application by filling the form below. Our team will evaluate your application and ensure you meet our affiliate criteria.


Create and share your affiliate link

Create, manage and track the performance of your affiliate links right from your Bitbinder account.


Earn upto 50% commission

When users create an account with your affiliate link, youll receive commission on every trade they make.

You can increase your referral and pair matching income by getting rank. However, the more you invest in one of your accounts, the more affiliate income you will get daily. As the rank increases, referral and pair matching income will increase in parallel, e.g.

Regular Member

(Pair Matching under $ 1000.00)

6% and Tycoon Token 4,800.00

Priority Member

(Pair Matching $ 1000.00)

8% and Tycoon Token 20,000.00

Elite Members

(4 Priority Members in Both Sites)

10% and Tycoon Token 40,000.00

Royal Member

(4 Elite Members in Both Sites)

12% and Tycoon Token 80,000.00

Diamond Member

(4 Royal Members in both sites)

13% and Tycoon Token 160,000.00

Crown Member

(4 Diamond Member in both sites)

15% and Tycoon Token 350,000.00

Team Generation Bonus

You will receive a Generation Bonus when your team members receive a pair matching! Your team will be sorted by level on a priority basis. You can get Generation Bonus from each level!

You will receive generation bonus from your team level 10, gradually 10℅, 9%, 8%, 7%, 6%, 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%.

1st Generation


2nd Generation


3nd Generation


4th Generation


5th Generation


6th Generation


7th Generation


8th Generation


9th Generation


10th Generation